AI and learning in higher education: 2 future visions from the past – online presentation

In their new online conference paper, Gábor Király and Zsuzsanna Géring investigated the relationship of artificial intelligence (AI) and learning. The conference was held by 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) and EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology) in August – online, due to the pandemic situation.

The theme of the conference was ’Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and agency of STS in emerging worlds’. The directors of our research centre participated in the panel titled ’AI through an education perspective: concerns, potentials, and trade-offs’. In their presentation they discussed two future-visions from the past.

These visions not only differ in their understanding to learning but also designate significantly different roles to technology in education. If we follow the inner logic of these visions, we can give different interpretations to the possible effects of AI on education.

The recorded version of the presentation can be accessed here.