Are you a newcomer to horizon scanning? A few decision points and methodological reflections on the process – new article

Members of our research centre Zsuzsanna Géring, Gábor Király and Réka Tamássy published a new article in Futures & Foresight Science. The article is a reflection on the new and emerging methodology of horizon scanning. In the publication the researchers focus on the application of the methodology as well as its potential hardships and their solutions. Géring and her colleagues highlight four main issues they faced during a research carried out with horizon scanning, namely finding the right template for data gathering, finding the right focus, the impact of the chosen target group and cultural context and blind spots in the discourse. The paper guides the reader through these issues, while presenting the methodological decision points and their possible effects.

The methodological reflection paper is grounded in an earlier research of our research centre in which we applied horizon scanning methodology in order to find phenomena that affect the future of higher education and define their possible effects. Until now four reports have been published from this research, which are available here.

The new methodological reflection paper in Futures & Foresight Science is available here.