Chapter in a new edited volume


Zsuzsanna Géring, director of FHERC published the chapter Mixed Methodological Discourse Analysis in a new edited volume entitled The Routledge Reviewer’s Guide to Mixed Methods Analysis. The new edited volume explores methods with both quantitative and qualitative roots, as well as „inherently” mixed methods. In her chapter Zsuzsanna Géring first defines the approach, then its range of application, its possibilities and limitations, which are followed by a step-by-step guide to application. Furthermore, Géring demonstrates how decisions made during a research affect the results and their possible interpretations by providing examples of research projects that applied mixed discourse analytical methods. By these examples and decision points Géring successfully highlights the possible approaches and applications of mixed methodological discourse analysis.

The Routledge Reviewer’s Guide to Mixed Methods Analysis (2021)
1st Edition, ed.: Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie & R. Burke Johnson
New York: Routledge

You can purchase the book HERE.