Having nothing but questions? The social discourse on higher education institutions’ legitimation crisis – new article

Zsuzsanna Géring and Gábor Király published their new article in the Journal of Futures Studies.

In the article, the director and scientific director of our research centre focus on the social expectations towards higher education institutions and their responses to them. Their analysis puts three social roles, that are the outcome of such expectations, in the limelight: the entrepreneurial university, higher education as a hatchery for the labour market, and the social value creator university. While the researchers present the aforementioned roles in details, they also highlight their advantages, disadvantages and possible future consequences. As Géring and Király emphasize, the organisational personas of higher education institutions are responses to both internal and external legitimation expectations. Finally, the researchers connect the topic of organisational heterogeneity and homogeneity to the presented university roles.

The article is available online HERE.