International University and Industry Innovation Network online conference

Three of our researchers participated in the UIIN online conference with their research project ‘Do top business schools claim to equip students with the skills of tomorrow?’.

In their research, Eszter Szendrei-Pál, Gábor Király, and Márton Rakovics analysed the external online communication of the top 100 business schools of the 2019 Times Higher Education list. The researchers divided future skills into groups and analysed the appearance of these skill groups in the higher education institutions’ program descriptions. As a result of their research, they could sort the top 100 universities into 4 categories based on which future skill groups appeared most frequently in their program descriptions. Additionally, they observed a connection between the frequency of future skill appearance and the universities’ ranking. They also found regional differences in their research.

Research results presented on the conference will be available shortly in a conference proceeding.

Further information about the conference is available HERE.