Moving Through and Moving Away: (Higher) Education Strategies of Hungarian Students – new article

Rita Hordósy and Eleonóra Szanyi-F. published a new article about the effects of inequalities among Hungarian higher education students.

Hordósy, who is closely involved in one of our centre’s research project, and Szanyi-F. based their research on the strong link between Hungarian students’ socio-economic background and educational outcome.

Their analysis draws on two rounds of the Active Youth survey of full-time university students (in 2015 and in 2019) and aims to explore the students’ educational and career strategies. The article presents the difficulties disadvantaged students face, the differences in the students’ financial experiences and even in their future migration plans. As conclusion, the researchers suggest a strong, more effective financial support system to help higher education students overcome the differences in their socio-economic backgrounds.

The article is available HERE.