Research Projects

What we research

Our main focus is on the challenges and opportunities concerning the Future of Higher Education.

In one of our ongoing research projects is about the future of business education. At this project our focus is on the social roles business schools attribute to themselves and what future they envision in their communication. By conducting comparative international research projects, we are able to provide an overview of not just the Hungarian, but of the international HE landscape, too. Furthermore, we intend to explore the most influential challenges, trends, opinions, policy recommendations that appear in academic discourse concerning the HE sector and its institutions. We started the research by establishing an international research team in 2018. We have got support from ‘Research projects initiated by young researchers’ fund of National Research, Development and Innovation Office (Hungary) between 2018-2022 (FK127972).

Our other ongoing research is focusing on the perceptions related to students’ cheating. The research began in 2017 in Hungary and is based on analysis and modelling of interviews. We are investigating the opinions and perceptions of the affected groups – students and teachers – concerning the causes and effects of students’ cheating.

Between 2014 and 2016 the project ‘The Future of School: Business Education in Hungary in 2050’ was led by Zsuzsanna Géring and Gábor Király. The research goal was to explore how students and teachers active in business education think about the future of business education, what future perspectives they have and prefer and what paths and actions they propose for realising future goals. The multiple research method consisted of a participatory backcasting process.

Beside the ongoing research projects, we are actively engaged in research organising activities. We are participating in the project entitled “Global Essay Mills Survey” (GEMS), we are editors of the special issue „Future of Higher Education” of the journal Futures and represented BBS as session organizers on the XIX. ISA (International Sociological Association) World Congress of Sociology in Toronto, July 2018 as well. Furthermore, the leader of FHERC, Zsuzsanna Géring (PhD) is board member of ISA RC07 Futures Research.

In details

  1. The international comparison of the social role of Higher Education Institutions (FK127972)
  2. Analysing perceptions about student cheating
  3. ’The Future of School: Business Education in Hungary in 2050’ project

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