Scenarios for the Future of Higher Education 2022 – Report

The new report of our research group, the Future of Higher Education Research Centre, is now published and openly accessible through digital channels.

The report Scenarios for the Future of Higher Education 2022 outlines four possible futures for the higher education. The scenarios in the report are based on a comprehensive methodological process combining horizon scanning, systemsmapping, and scenario planning that were carried out by Zsuzsanna Géring, Gábor Király, Péter Miskolczi, Réka Tamássy, Beatrix Fűzi and Eszter Szendrei-Pál.

The four scenarios are divided along two dimensions: the ‘constitution’ of education (micro- or holistic approach to education programs); and the programs’ level of flexibility (fixed-flexible structure of education programs).

The report provides an in-depth description of the scenarios as well as the social and structural context in which they could form in. Therefore, the report also foreshadows how current higher education institutions and other educational institutions, or programs could survive the changes and transform themselves to better adjust to the future to come.

The report is openly accessible here.