The Future of Higher Education Research Centre joined a European research network


With the lead of the Danish higher education research centre called Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) an international project („European Universities – Critical Futures”) has been started in 2019. The project is supported from Danish fund. The FHERC is the 18th member of this network next to the other 17 European higher education research centres. The goal of this project is to reconsider the role of the universities in the midst of changing political and social situations. The work will contain three main areas: 1) The role of universities in the European social and political integration, 2) The role of universities in the European research and higher education integration, 3) European universities in changing global context.

The members of this project have created a network, and they will work together on different researches during the project’s duration (2019-2021).

The project website is available HERE.